Our gate valves can be equipped  with several different accessories as an option, as is described below.

Valve Equalizer

Equalizers in large check valves ensures the full lifting at moderate flow rates, and help preventing valve’s damage due to inestability. Equalizer tubes connect the volume above the piston with a relatively low pressure region near of the valve outlet.

check valve equalizer


Valves equipped with an internal dashpot slows down the closing speed of the valve. Closing speeds depend on the rate at which the steam is squeezed out of the dashpot chamber trough flow paths that are sized for each application.

check valve dashpot

Internal Shaft

Usually, our valves are constructed with a hinge pin designed for being assembled externally, trough one (or both) of the sides of the valve’s body, although internal shaft designs are also available on request.

internal shaft on a non return valve

Hydrotest Check Valve

Hydrotest check valves are included into the piping system to check and verify pressures and proper flows of the system after first installation. Once finished verifications, the bonnet is bolted and the body of the valve just becomes a part of the piping, avoiding extensive dismantling.

Hydrotest check valve

External Level and Counterweight

For installations with an insignificant risk of water hammer, but where the minimising of head loss is important. The lever is also useful as an indicator of the valve disc position.
check valve with lever and counterweight



For other accessories and equipment, ask for technical documentation at