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We have up to 1.200.000 installed valves all around the world. ¿Why take chances with reversing engineering? Babcock Valves has a full range of guaranteed spare parts for all our wide range of products, even he oldest ones, just because they are engineered to last longer.


Our valves are described by an abbreviated code formed by eight numbers and letters, divided into three groups, plus a suffix and material grade.

  • Numbers 1 and 2 represent size in inches.
  • Number 3 represent the operation system of the valve.
  • Numbers 4 and 5 represent the design type.
  • Number 6 shows the code of end shape and conduit strangulation.
  • Number 7 and 8 will show the pressure rating codes.
  • Suffixes are code letters added when an additional detail is to be mentioned.
  • The body material is finally indicated in a code apart.


24 E 25709UF, WC9

This is a gate valve with a nominal diameter of 24″, motor operated, pressure seal bonnet to body linking

(24) nominal diameter of 24″

(E) Electric operated

(25) Wedge gate pressured seal bonnet valve

(7) Welding ends. Total bore valve.

(09) Series 900 lbs.

(UF) Satellite seat and discs. Flexible wedge.

(WC9) A-217 WC9 body material.

Collect this information from the valve´s nameplate, previously to contact us, will help to serve you faster.

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